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 Grounding Garden Gathering

Public Speaker

Daniel Thompson-Mills

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Daniel has a law degree and has been a campaigner and activist since the 1980’s. He spent several years with the McLibel Campaign, supporting two people being sued for libel by McDonald’s and campaigning on health, environmental, social justice, and animal issues. So he know’s a thing or two about how big corporations operate. Also, he’s been very interested in how the human body works and natural healing since the 1990’s. Daniel spent 18 years living in a low impact, permaculture community in a woodland, so he has plenty of earthy experience!  He has trained in the 8 Shields model of nature connection (otherwise known as ‘The Art of Mentoring’) which is based on indigenous wisdom and practices, and he has facilitated people’s connection to nature for many years. Last but not least, Daniel is an anarchist (in the true sense), independent researcher and self-published author.

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