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 Grounding Garden Gathering


James Huxley - DJ
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Artist name - Senshun, is a DJ/Music Producer currently based in Bristol. James’ philosophy is that music is essential for our wellbeing and a vital tool for helping us to come together and connect on a deeper level. Music can help us to explore the spectrum of our emotions and move us in a way that cannot be expressed with words. Whilst James predominantly plays and produces electronic music, he has deep respect and interest in music of all cultures, and believes that they all have their place and all have something they can teach us. James also produces bespoke music to help assist during Reiki and therapy sessions and is open to working with anyone who is interested in having their own unique soundscape.

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Secret Army
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Secret Army is a band of freedom musicians based in

Stroud performing a mix of covers and original songs

revealing truth in cool vibes.

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