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Violet ray generators were initially sold in the early 1900s (1915 onwards) up until the 1950s. Dr Jacques Arsene D'Arsonval agreed with Tesla's findings of how the Violet Ray had many healing benefits, and modified Tesla's equipment from 1893 so that it was much safer for human use, and small machines were made for home and portable use for physicians, with attachments for orifices and external use


The Violet Ray floods the ailing area of your body with oxygen, stimulating pain relief, healing and better sleep. It helps reactivate your cells ability to heal and restore balance. The ozone that is emitted while the violet ray is working also kills any pathogens.


The violet ray can stimulate growth and healing in your body through its electron flow. Tesla recommended it for many ailments, even hair regrowth. The violet ray can also kill microorganisms, such as those causing acne, a sore throat, toothache and athlete’s foot. It typically can permeate a half inch or so beneath the skin.


Within a few minutes of application many report positive effects, from instant pain relief, return of eyesight, hair regrowth, restored feeling in nerve damaged areas etc.

Karen Soo

Email :
Mobile : 07986 290250


Karen is also the happy owner of an original Tesla Violet Ray

machine and gives treatments on request.

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