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 Grounding Garden Gathering


“I recently attended a Grounding Garden Gathering for the 1st time and had an enchanting experience.  The team organising the event were incredibly warm and welcoming.  There was the opportunity to talk to the different holistic practitioners and try out the various devices and treatments.  It was refreshing to be amongst people who were not only passionate about helping people on their healing journeys, but also passionate about sharing the knowledge and experience that they had acquired.  In the afternoon I joined with the Sound Bath, Qigong and Breathwork workshops which I thoroughly enjoyed and it left me recharged and uplifted.

I’m already looking forward to the next event with this beautiful community and sincerely hope that the momentum continues to build.  This is exactly what we need.  People coming together in a loving safe space to heal, share and laugh together.  The energy that we all generated was amazing.  Thank you to the GGG team for putting it all together. “  


Dawn Fletcher

“A wonderful day spent with Grounded Garden Gatherings, sampling Reiki, Indian head massage and frequency healing.
Giving us a place to stop and give back to ourselves,after sharing lunch together, the day was rounded off with Qigong, breathwork and singing bowls- we felt like we were walking on air when we left. It really was a wonderful space to be.”

Best wishes

Tim & Ali @ Nature's little helpers.

"Thank you to all you at GGG
Thank you for taking care of me
I've had a tough time recently
I needed to meet more people like me
For those of us awakened souls
It's hard to find a hand to hold
So when amongst an entire roomful
I look around & I am grateful
The food was sprinkled with love & light
& the music was a pure delight
resonating peacefully
the most beautiful frequency
Thank you for the sacred healing
I'm kind of new to all these feelings
I just knew this world was wrong
It's not a place where I belong
I wanted answers & I went crazy
as crazy as this place could make me
then I realised it's all a facade
It's then I realised I'm in charge
I just want the world to heal
to live a life that's actually real
without the fear without TV
no government controlling me
We heal each other by healing ourselves
we're responsible for our own health
they want us broken.. On our knees
to keep us from divinity
So we rise up & join as one
& we create the world we want
Some label it insanity
exploring spirituality
We know we walk this path alone
the journey to our home sweet home
We meet good souls along the way
with hearts full of love & a kind word to say
I look forward to your next event
& for all your hard work..."

Thank you again

Leo O'Keefe

I found out about the Grounding Garden Gathering group / events late last year and was immediately drawn to the organisers’ ethos of creating regular heart centred healing events for the wider community. Having struggled the previous few years (new area and having a baby) with feeling isolated and longing to find a likeminded soul tribe, I attended my first event with an open heart and mind.

On arriving, I was warmly greeted by James (one of the team who DJ’s at the events) who was a joy to speak to, as were all the practitioners and people I mingled with over the course of the day. All were so warm and welcoming! The event was thoughtfully planned with a range of different taster treatments in the morning and an afternoon of group sessions including a rejuvenating sound bath, grounding Qi Gong, and a phenomenal breathwork session. I left at the end of the day, with a full heart, a lightness and a sense of belonging that I’ve not felt in a long time. A thoroughly beautiful, heart affirming and uplifting venture, which I hope to become a part of in the near future.



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