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 Grounding Garden Gathering

About  GGG

You are warmly invited to join us on our mission to gather in community in beautiful gardens and grounds, to be barefoot on the Earth, where we heal, and celebrate with one another, the wonder and magic of life.

Our vision is to create events, in gardens and estates, around the UK & overseas, to bring practitioners with past & future healing devices, to the public.. At each of the events we aim to facilitate the conditions, working with the elements, that allow for the deepest healing, transmutation and transcendence of trauma to occur:  
At our events, everyone will be invited to be barefoot on the grass, to ground and discharge their energies, through the Earth’s magnetics.  We have the alchemical energy of the fire present, to open the space for transformation to happen. Fresh, locally sourced spring water, to support the healing process and nourish the body.  Sound healing instruments and empowering music in the air, encouraging everyone to be present and celebrate the gift of life.  

Through these events we aim to build and expand a national and international network, in association with the People’s Health Alliance, that connects the public to local practitioners in their respective areas.

What began one night simply imagining, envisioning and conversing around the fire, has quickly become a safe and sacred space of deep connection, celebration & selfless service. It is our dream to see these events support the people who attend, so they may take those transformative vibes back to their friends and family, work colleagues and strangers.

As we look to take GGG on the road, we are open to invitations to bring our event to your community. If you have access to big gardens that can hold 50/100+ guests, please get in contact with our team.

We wish to support practitioners of alternative therapies, whose modalities offer a holistic approach to the healing process. If you are a health practitioner looking to reach your community in a sacred celebratory space, please also get in contact.

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